1. Education is the eye of the mind.
  2. Fun + Learn = The best educational experience.
  3. The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
  4. The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.
  5. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
  6. The secret in education lies in respecting the student.
  7. The roots of education are bitter, But the fruit is sweet.
  8. He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.
  9. Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself.
  10. If you want to be more powerful in life, Educate yourself. It is that simple.
  11. Students work hard for teachers they like and respect.
  12. Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.
  13. Formal education will make you a living, Self education will make you a fortune.
  14. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Exam Quotes

  1. Don’t stress, Do your best. Forgot the rest.
  2. Exams and grades are temporary, But examination is permanent.
  3. The expert in anything was once a beginner.
  4. Sometimes questions are complex, But the answers are simple.
  5. It is always seems impossible, Until it is done.
  6. Work hard in silence, Let your success be your noise.
  7. Believe you can, You are halfway there.

Job Quotes

  1. Be so good they cant ignore you.
  2. Don’t give up, The beginning is always hardest.
  3. Be positive, Patient and persistent.
  4. Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career.
  5. Doubt kills more dreams that failure ever will.
  6. You will succeed, Just keep going.
  7. The future depends on what you do today.
  8. Somewhere some one is looking for exactly what you have to offer.
  9. You will never please everyone, But you only have to please a few people to get an offer.
  10. Every new day is another chance to change your life.

Business Quotes

  1. waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.
  2. its not about ideas.it’s about making ideas happen.
  3. chase the vision,not the money.the money will end up following you.
  4. if you believe in something,work nights and weekends.it wont feel like work.
  5. when you are ready to quit, you are closer than you think.
  6. always deliver more than expected.
  7. criticism is the best sign you are on to something.
  8. there’s nothing wrong with staying small.you can do big things with a small team.
  9. failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
  10. do not be embarrassed by your failures,learn from them and start again.
  11. the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
  12. forget about your competitors , just focus on your customers.
  13. we have a strategic plan, its called doing things.
  14. the value of an idea lies in the using of it.
  15. prove them wrong.
  16. usage is like oxygen for ideas.
  17. great things never came from comfort zones.
  18. life is short,do stuff that matters.
  19. we create our own luck.
  20. what would you do,if you were not afraid.
  21. your only limit is you.
  22. luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
  23. passion never fails.
  24. better an oops that a what if.
  25. the future is now.
  26. the first draft of anything is shit.
  27. impossible is just an opinion.
  28. your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
  29. what ever the problem be part of the solution.
  30. focusing on one thing and doing it really really well can get you very far.
  31. a goal is a dream with a deadline.
  32. think outside the box.
  33. what ever you are thinking , think bigger.
  34. the only thing worse than starting something and failing , is not starting something.
  35. be more curious.
  36. go the extra mile, its never crowded.
  37. either you run the day, or the day runs you.
  38. success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every single day.
  39. don’t just dream about success, work for it and make it a reality.
  40. do or do not, there is no try.
  41. let the rest do whatever, while you do whatever it takes.
  42. i don’t care who the biggest fish in the pond is, i’m a whole different animal.
  43. the key to success is to start before you’re ready.
  44. the master has failed more times, than the beginner has ever tried.
  45. the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
  46. dreams + work = success.
  47. stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being positive about what could go right.
  48. success has a simple formula, do your best and people may like it.
  49. be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts.
  50. success is dependent on effort.
  51. if you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
  52. don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.
  53. success doesn’t happen overnight,keep your eye on the prize and don’t look back.
  54. the man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.
  55. when your mind wants you to give up, ignore it and try one more time.
  56. work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.
  57. good preparation destroys all obstacles.
  58. everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
  59. your failure does not define you,your determination does.
  60. sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.
  61. go as far as you can see, when you get there you will be able to see further.
  62. i can accept failure,everyone fails at something.but i can’t accept not trying.
  63. think of how to adopt to the situation instead of thinking about what is going to happen.
  64. everyone you meet has something to teach you.
  65. when i accept my self , i am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me.
  66. don’t feel sorry for yourself if you have chosen wrong road, turn around.
  67. you never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.
  68. you never change your life unless you change something you do daily.
  69. 1 year = 365 opportunities.
  70. rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm.
  71. the future starts today not tomorrow, do all you can today.
  72. doubt kills more dreams, than failure ever will.
  73. no matter what the day brings, you’re ready for it.
  74. the sun will rise and will try again.
  75. the one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.
  76. dreams do come true.
  77. positive mind, positive vibes , positive life.
  78. be so good they cant ignore you.
  79. if opportunity does not knock, build a door.
  80. nothing will work unless you do.
  81. every accomplishment start with the decision to try.
  82. plans are nothing,planning is everything.
  83. the most important part of writing an article is the headline.
  84. successful bloggers know a secret,they don’t waste their time writing a post that wont bring them traffic.
  85. no matter how good your content is, without powerful friends to share it,it will most likely sink with out a trace.
  86. if you are only looking out for yourself,you may end up being yourself.
  87. blogging success cant be duplicated. It’s an individual as the bloggers themselves.discover what your readers love.
  88. little drops of water do make a mighty ocean.
  89. people like to learn things,but they especially like to learn what they can do to improve their lives.
  90. you wont be very successful if you just pack it in the first time something does not go the way you plan.
  91. people coming to your site because they are looking for something,they want to do more , have more, be more.
  92. you want to be a professional blogger, you need to to treat your blog like a business.
  93. by scheduling the time to complete the important tasks,you will finish.
  94. if you have wrong people on your list, then they are not going to open your emails.
  95. don’t focus on having a great blog, focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.
  96. blogging is a conversation,not a code.
  97. the first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is, what you want to accomplish with it.and what it can do when it is successful.
  98. don’t wait to plan everything, create a minimal viable product or website launch it and get feedback.
  99. there are tons of different factors that go into ranking well, but the biggest is high quality content.
  100. successful blogging is not about one time hits, its about building a loyal following over time.
  101. what you do after you create your content is what truly counts.
  102. making money from blogging requires you to do only 2 things.drive a lot traffic, maximize income from that traffic.
  103. the currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.
  104. blogging is good for your career,a well executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field.
  105. you could have a million ideas, they are worthless if you don’t get them done.
  106. there is no luck, you work hard and study things intently. if you do that for long and hard enough you’re successful.
  107. one of the greatest ways to improve your blog is to be confident with what you are doing.
  108. it is very easy to start a blog, easier to continue it with bad content , but the real test is to make it successful.
  109. solve a problem, That’s the magic to make money online. That’s the key to succeed even offline.
  110. stand tall and proud,be unique,be yourself.there’s only one you in this world.
  111. go through your blog archives and find the hidden gems of evergreen content that could use a little more exposure.
  112. something that a lot bloggers and online marketers forgot is 80% to 90% of your readers are straight up beginners.
  113. the truth is, traffic in and of it self is pointless unless you are attracting your ideal visitors.
  114. give them quality, that’s the best kind of advertising.
  115. the value of an idea lies in the using of it.
  116. nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.
  117. content is king, bu
    t distribution is queen.
  118. either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.
  119. the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
  120. if you can learn something new each day, you can teach something new each day.
  121. i don’t know secret to success, but i know the secret to failure is trying to please everybody.
  122. it’s not the customers job to know what they want.
  123. if people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.
  124. if you cant explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.
  125. do the work,out work,out think,out sell your expectations, there are no shortcuts.
  126. don’t play the games that you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them.
  127. it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.if you think about that,you’ll do things differently.
  128. every person who did amazing things had the same 24 hours as you had.
  129. you can do anything, but not everything.
  130. you must either modify your dreams, or magnify your skills.
  131. when you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.
  132. consistent content creation + good promotion = Blog success