Welcome to the series of blog posts which explain you how to plan and start a blog, This is the first post in this series.This post will explain you how to plan a blog and how to start a blog, Thousands of new blogs created each day and out of all these blogs if you want to be successful then its important to plan your blog first than just create it. So we will start with how to plan your blog and next we will show you how to create blogs on different platforms and other details.



  • Introduction
  • Identify your needs
  • Find a niche
  • Research on target audience
  • List Categories & Tags
  • Select a cache domain name
  • How to start a WordPress blog
  • How to start a Blogger blog
  • How to start a Tumblr blog
  • Add blog to Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics
  • Start promoting your content on social media



Blogging is very common now a days, How to start a blog is a widely searched keyword on Google, you can see millions of search results. In this guide i will explain you in detail about how to plan about blogging and then how to start a blog. For every minute [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2381188/Revealed-happens-just-ONE-minute-internet-216-000-photos-posted-278-000-Tweets-1-8m-Facebook-likes.html] 571 new websites created and nearly 400 new posts published on WordPress blogs.now imagine getting attention for your blog among these huge numbers.

So many new blogs starting each day, some bloggers get succeed attracting thousands of viewers and some bloggers fail to get few visitors a day. It is because the bloggers are not planning before they begin blogging.


[read common blogging mistakes]


I advise you to plan before starting a blog.i am listing some ideas to help you with planning your blog in part 1 and in part 2 you can read about starting a wordpress blog.


Identify your needs


Any one asks me how to start a blog, my first question to them is “What are your blogging needs?” , let me put it in a straightforward question “Why you want to start a blog?”
  • is it because you want to brand your business?
  • You want to write about your hobby?
  • You want to offer a service or want to sell any product?
  • You want to earn money by promoting affiliate products?


Once you have answered why you want to start a blog, you can now plan better by answering one more question.


“Who will write content for your blog?”


Who will write content for your blog? Is it you or you going to hire a content writer or you are planning to hire a freelance content writer? Just starting a blog by choosing some topics and getting excited about starting blog will not make your blog success, what makes your blog success is your content, quality content and content marketing are like magnets for getting huge traffic to your blog.


If you want to make your blog popular, you need to treat blogging like a job. And you should maintain a schedule for planning , writing , posting and marketing your blog posts.
If you want to write content for your blog, you need to have knowledge on keyword research and Search Engine Optimization, if you don’t know them then learn them or if you want to hire a content writer for full time / freelancing make sure they know about keyword research and SEO basics.




[ you can do anything, but not everything!]


If you are planning to start affiliate blogging, you can blog about hosting reviews or software suggestions or product reviews. I have seen many people trying to blog about as much topics as possible, they just want to increase their categories with different topics, They do this by thinking covering as many topics as possible will increase their blog viewership but in reality it’s not true except you are running a magazine or news blog or either you are running a multi author blog.


For example, if you are blogging about hosting reviews,product reviews and software reviews , how many posts can you write in a week? Remember you need to do research and write the post and then share it on social media. If you write one high quality post a week, if you have reviewed a hosting provider this week ,then the visitors who are interested in other reviews should wait for one more week , and again the visitors who are interested in hosting reviews should wait two more weeks for another hosting review from you.


My advice is to find a niche [topic] that you are expert in or interested in, in the beginning days of your blogging you may not get many visitors , it is easy to get discouraged if you are working hard to write content for different topics and if you are not familiar with some topics then you are researching and learning and writing posts then also you are not getting enough visitors , i have seen bloggers who gradually lost interest on their blogs and their blogs will disappear in short time.




  1. Either you can choose to blog about health care which covers many topics like skin care, hair care etc,  or you can choose niche blogging for hair care , or even you can go for micro niche dandruff care.

    Advantage of choosing a specific niche is you can attract and gain confidence of your readers, they will believe you expert in that field because you are researching a lot and writing quality content about them.they will trust the products and services you suggest.


But Hey! If you can manage multiple authors or you have confidence on you that you can write quality posts about any topic, then go for multi topic blog.


[Research On Target Audience]


[List categories]


When i advice my clients to list the categories , some of them take the advice very casually they don’t even get convince with the advantages of listing the categories and fixing the niche , because they don’t have any idea on what exactly they are about to blog.


Don’t do the same mistake, if you have not decided your niche yet then decide your niche first , then continue with researching your audience. By now you will be having a clear idea about what to include in your blog and what not to include and then start listing out the categories for your blog.