Resume is a statement about us. They should be beautiful, attractive and clear to look as attractive as possible. In the words of world famous trainer Shivkheera …
The HR Manager is repeatedly restricted to your resume within seconds.
Resume is your statement. That is the advertisement. What is the main purpose of an advertisement? Explaining the unique features of the item to the customer, impressing him and buying that item by him.

What is the main goal of resume?

Candidate’s main features are brought to the attention of the HR manager.
Candidate Skills to Trust the HR Manager
Make a call to the interview.
The main goal of Resume is to get your name shortlisted for the Interview.

In order to get a job in any company, the company will submit the application to us about it. It is called resume. The resume tells us about things like, attributes, skills, etc. If the resume and attractiveness of these subjects is over, the door to door will be the door. If you can write a resume in a beautiful language and read the job, it is likely that you have a job. But do you know how to make this resume? If you do not know then let’s know.

Resume making process …

Resume This is a simple document that tells us all about us. We need to make it suitable for our job. The resume is not meant to be written in checkpoints, but to write down content. We need to plan our complete information in just two pages. Because everyone can only pay a few seconds to read the application. So those two readers should be impressively impressed. Any organizations are more interested in the skills they need in the resume. At such times, you should also make sure that your skills are highlighted for any job you can apply to the company.

Then they can also understand the skills you have in yourself. Fancy or design papers should be used without white color. Using good fonts can be very effective and understandable as clearer letters. If you do not come up with a resume, it is good to help with the help of professional writers. They will shortlist your resume and make it more beautiful. With the responsibilities you have done in previous jobs, the achievements you have in your other qualifications and the ability to be in you is very good. Writing with small points without having to write a lot of words can make the observers easy to read.
Especially if you are making a resume, you need to make sure that you do not have any typos. If you do not have a commitment to the job, the company’s observers think.

If you’re up for a new job, it’s great to mention your hubis. They express your attributes in your personality. Do not add too many things to do that. Whatever the need is to write.
It is a good practice to know about the company before you start up the job for any organization. By doing so, you can find out what skills and attributes they are searching for. Then that job can be analyzed and written about you. If you make your application and send them to their respective organizations, there will be a lot of job opportunities.

How to prepare Resume

Resume does not mean that many resumes from friends and acquaintances who know them and then copy the things they like and use them in their Resume. But this is not correct. This is one of the biggest mistakes in the reset making.
– We need to understand why you should send a resume to a company. There is no possibility to go straight to a company and prove to us the ability to do it, no matter how skilled we are. So we are sending Resume on our behalf.
– So we have the skills and abilities in the resume, how much we have in the field and what matters is to be in the way that matters.
– There are some things that have been remembered earlier in making the resume. These are the same type of font type, font size, font style, from the beginning to the resume.

Items in the Resume

– First we need to type in the middle of the page, contact number, e-mail id page. If there is any certification, put the above details in the left of the page and put the logos of the certificates on the right.

– Objective: In which case the applicant should be able to write in a single or two sentence on the subject of his career destination and how it is useful to the company.

Educational Qualifications

– In this part you have to specify the academic excellence from higher education to lower education. For example, if you have your education entitlement, first write to MTech, BTech (Engineering), Inter and Class 10. You can use one of these two methods for this.

– Btech, CSE from (college name)
– Engineering College, Hyderabad, Affiliated to Osmania University With an Aggregate of (achieved marks or pass percentage)
Eg: 75.4 percent during 2011-2015
– Intermediate, MPC Group from *** College Hyderabad with an aggregate of *** percent during 2009-2011
– Secondary School of Education from School with an Aggregate of ** Percentage (Percentage of Marks) in 2009

Technical skills

– Include your skills in the categories.
For example,
– Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Programming Language, Sea, Sea ++, Sea #, Java You need to include details that are useful to you.
– CERTIFICATIONS: In this case you need to put the details of the certificates in the respective departments.
Eg: Microsoft certificates, Java certificates, etc.

– Achievements: Your Resume value increases if you include school, college, or achievements, and anything else you participate in the seminar, including any publications in national and international newspapers.

– Hobbies: Most people often play chess, carrots, cricket, singing, reading news, watching the Internet, etc.
– Here is what we need to note that we do not have any benefit from the company, if we play chess, cricket or caramels. It is better not to write such things unless you are good at the respective fields.

– Strengths: Find out what the capabilities are.
Eg: Positive Attitude (positive perspective)
– Pro-Active Nature (Forecasting)

– Academic projects: All students in engineering generally have two projects. The first is the Minor Project, then the Major Project. The details of those projects should be included.

Personal Details (Personal Details)
– Include birthdate, address, nationality etc.

– Lastly the candidates should remember three important things.
The first one should not give any false details in the circumstances at the resume.
The second is to have a good, expertise on each item embedded in Resume.
The third is to avoid typos.