How To Prepare For Current Affairs

Know the importance:

Try reading the previous years papers and get an idea like how many worth of current affairs questions have been asked in previous year papers
If your exam pattern gives much importance of current affairs question, the schedule your time to get much knowledge of current affairs

Know where to look:

National newspapers[prefer English paper]
Online portals/websites which provide quality content
Current affairs magazines [don’t depends on them much]

Know what to skip:

Don’t waste your energy reading all content
Skip the information like movies, kidnap, murder etc

Take notes:

While reading newspapers highlight the important information with a marker
Write the information into a book in the bullets points
Try to draw a map for that bullet point information [if the information is linked with any other information which is important]
Try to guess which news is important and you feel like it may appear in the exams and mark it with a star symbol

Dont Just remember, Understand:

Dont just remember the event
Try to understand the history and consequences
It helps you it write essays
Helps you answers interviews questions easily

Test your knowledge:

Try to list the important question on daily basis
Make a list of important question weekwise
Create a list of important questions for each month
Try to take many test as possible to test yourself

Make appropriate changes:

Recognize where you are falling
Change  where ever necessary
Start again