How to start a Facebook store

What is  Facebook Store?

Facebook store is a feature available in Facebook pages, If you provide any service or Products then you can list them on Facebook and make them available to people around the world and sell your product or service and make money.

Why start a Facebook Store?

With over 2 billion monthly visitors Facebook is leading social media now a days, and after United states India is the second largest Facebook user base, Many Indians have Facebook accounts and they use it daily, according to one survey average user spends 20 mins on Facebook each day.

you can utilize the user base and start a store and by targeting ads you can get more traffic to your Facebook store and which results into more leads and sales.

Facebook store is a free service provided by Facebook, When comes to money payment for United States users Facebook provides its own payment option to checkout, And for non United states users there were two options , either to redirect users to other websites for money transfer or user messages store owner and then store owner can suggest user to transfer money to a particular account.

How to start a Facebook Store?

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to your Facebook page and click on settings.


2. In settings page , on left side you find sidebar, in those sidebar menu items click on Edit page

3. Find the shop option and click on Add tab , This will activate the shop tab on your page. If needed you can re order tabs.

4. Clicking on the settings will open shop options, But keep them as it is .

5. This is how your shop tab looks on your page, Remember we have not added any product yet.

6. Help your users add some description about what you are offering to your users.

7. Clicking on add product will open popup in which you can add your product information.

8. This is how the form looks when you fill all required product information.

9. And this is how your products appear after adding them [BTW This is how the shop looks to page admin].

10. And this is how the Shop looks to your users, from here they can check the products you added into your store.

11. This is a live example of how the Facebook shop looks like with lots of products, this is the Facebook shop of