How to create a website

How to create a website

How to create a website is a very common question, in this article we explained every detail you need to know about How to create a website.

Website is your online address, which tells people about who are you and what you do and how you help them, Website have no boundaries like time, place and language.

Websites help you promote your business 24/7 and no employee will do that.
–Paul Cookson

Do I really need a Website?

YES, everyone who wants to have an online presence needs a website, If you are into a business then you definitely need a website. If you are an individual you need a website to showcase your portfolio or resume.
If you are willing to sell a product or service online then building a website is your first step to get leads. You can sell through Amazon or through the Facebook store but If you have a website then people treat you as a brand rather than a single person.

Difference between Website and Web Application:

When we are discussing about how to start a website it is important to know the difference between website and Web Application, For example if you are starting a website about benefits of journaling then it is a website, Whereas you launched an application along with your website where people can actually register/login and write their journal online, then it is a web application. Web Applications are generally too complex and take more time and resources to build than a website.
If you want a website you can choose a content management system like WordPress or Joomla or Drupal And in most cases, you can create a website on your own. Whereas if you want to build a web application then you may need PHP or Java or Python programming languages, to build a web application you need Programmers to help.

We recommend WordPress cms to create websites and for reliable hosting solutions. you can start a website for just 4800/- Rupees and need not to worry about spending any extra money for SSL, CDN or for bandwidth exceed limits. Click here to start now.

How to create a Website

Starting a website is really simple, Either you can do it on your own [Yes, WordPress makes it easy to build websites on your own easily] or you can hire someone to create a website for you, But be careful to choose a company or freelancer and don’t forgot to do research before selecting one to build your website.

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1. Click here to go to WordPress website



If you want a website with free domain and with Free SSL + CDN and with Unlimited bandwidth for 4800/- rupees, then is your go-to place, WordPress offering business plan [And I will share you a 50% Discount coupon], And using that coupon you can get a website with free domain and with Free SSL + CDN and with Unlimited bandwidth for 4800/- rupees.

And the best part is using WordAds you can start earning from day one, or If you want AdSense then you can place your AdSense code. And Jetpack professional pack is free with daily backups and with lots more features, And you can access a number of premium themes for Free.


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2. Create Your Account [or simply login with google account]


3. Enter details about your website


The next few steps will make WordPress understand the type of website you want, so that WordPress can show you theme for your website type. Just select the type of website you want, whether it is a blog or online store or any other website.




You may already chosen your Website’s name, enter your websites name in the next step.


4. Choose A Domain Name [You will get a free domain for the 1st year]


You are eligible for your free domain for one year, If you don’t have a domain already, then choose this feature and enter the domain name so that WordPress will try searching whether the domain name is available for you or someone has already taken it, If the domain name is available then you can continue with using the domain name for your website.



In case if you already purchased a domain name, then either you can transfer the domain to WordPress or you can map the domain to use with your website, I personally prefer mapping your domain, its simple you need to change your previous name servers with the new nameservers provided by WordPress, just click on Map your Domain button to continue.


5. Choose A Plan [Plans starts from 150/- rupees a month]


WordPress provided you with the option to choose from 5 different plans, But I suggest you choose a business plan as it gives you the freedom to upload themes or plugins and also you can integrate Google AdSense or analytics code, so full freedom for you to build your website.

If the prices are not showing in Indian rupees, then contact the WordPress staff, then will change your settings so you can view the prices in INR. Don’t worry support staff is quick, I got this currency problem fixed in 15 minutes.


After you choose a plan, Now you need to pay for the plan, but wait, The price is showing 9600/- but I told you we can buy the plan for 4800/- right


6. Apply Coupon Code


If you choose the Business plan, then click on Have a coupon code? link, you can find the link in the bottom left corner of the previous screen, just click on the link and enter BUSINESS50, and click on apply, Now the total will be reduced to half the amount, which is 4800/-


If you have chosen a premium plan, then try PREMIUM50 as your coupon code. But with this plan, you can’t upload your themes or plugins or AdSense code.



7. Complete the payment

You can buy the plan through your debit card or credit card, just enter the card details and buy the plan.



Congratulations! You got your website, check your plan and settings If you don’t like the layout then click on WP Admin in the left sidebar, which will open the traditional WordPress admin dashboard UI.

If you want to know about customizing your website, you can contact me through comments or contact form. I will write a post about customizing your WordPress installation and how to build different types of websites using WordPress.



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Types of Websites:

WordPress is the most powerful CMS to build any kind of website, start a website for just 4800/- Rupees and need not to worry about spending any extra money for SSL, CDN or for bandwidth exceed limits. Click here to start now.


Forums are websites where online users can share ideas or views on a particular issue. Forums can be on any topic, education or business or any other topic.


Podcast websites are used to store audio files, to which users can listen to. Podcasts can be on any topic like Interviews or Tips&Tricks etc…


Video sharing websites simply contain videos, those videos may be hosted on the server or from third party video hosting services like YouTube.

Business Websites

Business Websites helps companies reach their clients, these websites usually have stylish web designs and explains about the company and companies products and services and also about companies portfolio which explains about companies previous projects details.

Wiki sites

wiki websites allow users to collaborate in adding or editing the content on the website.


Classifieds websites

classified websites allow users a free way to promote their ads for their business or products, Some classified websites charge money from users and display their ads in top position.


Religious websites

Religious websites are created for holy places like churches, temples or to provide information about a holy place.


Portfolio websites

Portfolio websites are generally created by freelance workers or small business organizations, These websites mainly used to showcase the freelancer’s or organization’s previous works so they can get new clients.


Coupons /deals websites

Coupons sites collect discount coupons from different websites and make them available for website users.

Deals websites collect products with huge discounts and display the products on websites, When the user clicks on the product, it will redirect the user to the original product page where user can purchase the product.

Generally, these websites run on Affiliate money making method.


Auction websites

Auction websites display a product and users can bid amount to buy the product, Whoever bids the maximum can get the product.


Affiliate websites

Online websites like Amazon provide a way to earn money by referring users to their websites and to purchase products on their websites, once a user who is referred by you purchases products on the website, then you earn some commission, this is called Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate websites are generally created by individuals and they write about new products and product reviews.


Articles directory websites

An article directory is a website with collections of articles written about different subjects, users can submit articles to these article directories.


Travel websites

Travel websites help travellers blog or vlog about their experience across their travelling, there are many famous travellers across the world who make their living by travelling and by sharing their experiences.


NGO websites

Non-government organizations are not profit organizations, NGO websites provide information on issues in the society and help needy people, These websites usually contain functionalities for online donations.


Author / Book websites

Author websites help authors to communicate with their readers and to share about their new books, Author websites generally showcase one or more books.


Book Websites are created for a particular book, generally, book websites use a landing page to get more leads or sales.



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Website Success Stories

I will explain two success stories which describe how websites helped two people start and grow their business.


Photo credit:

Example1: Leo Babauta of

Zenhabits is one of many popular blogs on Internet, Leo Babauta is running this blog, He writes about minimalism, decluttering your life and setting goals etc. has over 200k subscribers and twice been nominated one of the top 25 blogs by Time magazine.

How Zenhabits started: was started as a blog on once it got popular Leo changed it to WordPress platform from

How Leo Babauta earning money through

In the beginning, Leo put up ads into his blog, But later he designed his blog to be very minimal and removed ads [and comments, sharing buttons too!] and he earns money by selling his books and courses.



Photo credit pellipoolajada

Example 2: Kalpana Rajesh of

A normal housewife from a rural place in India now have a business with Franchises around the Globe, Kalpana Rajesh started wedding flower accessories startup back then in 2012, since then she was never looked back and now she has a total of more than 45 branches all are worked under the franchise model, They are spread in all the southern states of India and in Delhi, Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore and U.S.

How started:

Kalpana Rajesh started small, She started sharing her products pictures on her Facebook page and got orders for her products. Then she started the website and got popular all over the places and started franchises model to expand her business.

How Kalpana Rajesh earning money through

She earns money from selling her products online through her website and from franchises.

If they got success with their website then you can also get success, start your website now.

We recommend WordPress cms to create websites and for reliable hosting solutions. you can start a website for just 4800 Rupees and need not to worry about spending any extra money for SSL, CDN or for bandwidth exceed limits. Click here to start now.


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If you have any doubts then you can ask me in the comment section, If you want to hire me to build your website or want to consult me for any of your doubts then you can contact me by clicking here. Do not forget to share this article with your friends.


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