How to start a blog

Note: This how to blog article will explain you how to plan your blog, and then it explain you whether to create a blog on free platform like a blogger blog or tumblr blog or to go for a self hosted platform like wordpress or joomla and then it explains you how to install different content management systems and setup blog. if you are interested about installation and blog setup then click here to jump to that part, but i suggest you to read this entire guide because planning and execution is everything for a blogs success.
blogging has become very common now a days and how to start a blog is also become very commonly earched term on google if you search it on google it returns lakhs of results but most of the results aim is to tempt you to start blog as son as possible like start a blog under 30 minutes or 20 minutes , Here starting a blog is not the important but planning a blog before starting your blog is an important point because blogging is not easy and it is not a one time task its like a job , so dont just rush to start a blog without proper plan, blogs have evolved from passtime activities to making you earn living. Starting a blog is very easy and cheap, but before learning “How to start a blog” i want you to go through “How to plan your blog”, It is important because each day thousands of new blogs created and already lakhs of blogs exist on world wide web. Out of all these some blogs get thousands of pageviews each day and some blogs fail to get even ten pageviews a day.

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