WordPress featured images guide

Featured images will become the visual representation of your blogpost. Along with your Attractive Blog Post Headline your featured image will also plays major role in grabbing users attention towards your blogpost.

Remember, Featured images are not only to be displayed in your blog, When you share your blog post across social media your featured image will be pulled and showed in the social media. So design and optimize your featured images as they plays major role in promoting your blog post and getting user attention towards your blogpost.

What is Feature Image And How To Set It?

To set a featured image in your wordpress blog, while you are in post editor page scroll down to bottom of the page on right hand side you can see featured image section below categories and tags sections.

Click on “Set Featured Image” link, And you will be able to see a popup in which you can either upload an image [OR] select an image from your image library.

Do We really need to use Featured Image?

Well, it’s purely your choice. If you want to lose Traffic and don’t want to get branding through your featured images then you can ignore Adding Featured Images to your posts.

But, remember featured images will increases the look of your blog and if you can carefully design them according to your branding requirements then they can improve your brand reach.

Do’s and Don’ts of using Feature Images

Always use high resolution images.
Keep In mind that featured images increase your brand reach so maintain consistency in design.
Do not use non copyrighted images.
Use relevant images as Featured Images.

Every theme Is not Same

As there are lots of wordpress themes available, some themes display featured images on top of your blog post in your blog post page, But some don’t use featured image on top of your blogspot page. So you have to manually add image into your blog post content to show it on top of blogpost.

Your Theme Doesn’t support Featured Image?

Are you unable to see featured image section? Do one quick thing.when you edit a post (not page), you could click on Screen Options in the upper right corner and check if you possibly have disabled the featured image box.

If you are unable to find then you can consider using plugins to get featured images option.

Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin helps you to regenerate all your Images, But why we need to regenerate Images? Is the question i get from most of the clients when i try to explain them about must have wordpress plugins.

Have you ever noticed Images being displayed weirdly after changing to a new theme?

If you ever changed your theme, then it is common that your new theme is not displaying images correctly.it’s because all your images thumbnails are generated for your previous theme.

But Why This Happen?

By default when you are uploading any image, WordPress will generate thumbnails for your current theme. So it is common that they may not fit the new theme that you changed to recently.


Download Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.
Install And Activate plugin.
Open the plugin Page , Tools => Regenerate Thumbnails.
Start Resizing your images.

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